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The City Of Joy, Kolkata

“Beauty needs no introduction

Either it’s there or it isn’t,

Either you see it or you don’t.”


The charm of the people of Kolkata is unique in its own way. It has its own beauty which fascinates us the most! Kolkata is popularly known as ‘The City Of Joy’, the city where people find a way to happiness, where people embrace each other with an open heart and where people take pride in being bong!I have grown up in Kolkata. Life here begins with peaceful morning adda and chai. Both are accompanied by an intellectual discussion! True, discussion on various topics fanning across academic, politics, society and sports are must at every local chai stalls of Kolkata.

When I was a kid, I hated the people and the filthy lane. Little did I know people living in those lanes live every bit of their life. The child in me never realized what the people of this city are trying to tell me about itself. As I reached my teenage, I started falling for the city, its people and places. I observed people in the slums are living a peaceful life. Despite all the uncertainties of life, they do not look for materialistic pleasure! Every para or lane of the city tells a different tale about its people and their existence.

The beauty of the city lies in its people. They are sociable and humane. They embrace diverse ideas and culture, and their humanly behaviour will make you part of their culture. People coming from various social background co-exists together in harmony. The city is unique for its culturally homogeneous population and the bohemian spirit. Additionally, people celebrate festivals, be it Eid, Durga Puja, and Christmas, with secular zest.

We all grow in a society which is socially and culturally different. Our ideas, customs, and behaviour make us distinct from one another. We inherit the values of the society in which we live in. I live in a society where people follow different religion, customs and languages. It had made me to be tolerant towards other community and cherished the rich culture which we are carrying through generations. However, all I can say, people of the city are the epitome of cultural diversity and unity.

Falling for the people of Kolkata, at first sight, is hard. The crumbling city and the disease-ridden people will intimidate you. But, I tell you, the friendliness and charm of the people will reframe your idea of people living here.

The beauty of the city is scattered all over at every step. In its cacophonous people, you will find a bunch of talented artists, academicians and sports-loving people who will stir up your emotion and soul with their skills! Amid the hustle and the bustle of the city, tram ride is a charm of the old world. For Kolkatans tram ride is a romantic element of the city. In this relaxing and slow-moving vehicle I have explored how life rushes in this city, students jostling in crowd to reach school on time, local street vendors shouting at a high pitch to attract customers and how the vast expanse of central Maidan provides space for the aspiring footballer, cricketer, artists and young lovers.

How can I not share the rich delicacies of my land with you? The city is a land of foodie who loves to eat and share their food with everyone. The exquisite macher jhol, mishti do and payesh are the essence of every Bengali kitchen. Apart from Bengali dish you will also come across varieties of food from Mughlai to Chinese and Continental, Kolkatans are addicted to with these stuffs!

Moreover, women are undoubtedly bold and independent. We are given opportunities and encouraged to excel in life. From education to student politics, theatre, protests women actively participate in every field. However in public spaces we women are indeed safeas compared to other cities.

I would not deny the fact that the city lacks development but the aesthetic beauty which the city retains in its architecture and people cannot be ignored. However, one can say, people of Kolkata are true embodiment of love.

About the author:

I am Farjana Basir currently pursuing Master’s in English. I am a private tutor who loves to interact with children. I like to pen down my thoughts and use my abilities for greater good.

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